The LG G5 is A Flagship Modular Phone

The LG G5 is A Flagship Modular Phone

February 24, 2016 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Out of the two Korean phone makers, LG was the first to announce its flagship LG G5 at this year’s MWC 2016. It is quite an interesting phone to come out this year. It is also the first, proper mass market modular phone and in flagship form.


Apparently, LG has used all the feedback it received for G4 while designing the G5. For example, the cheap plastic in G4 was a let down for many people including myself. The design has seen a radical change. The G5 now has metal chassis with curved front glass. But the G5 is not just about the specs anymore. The add-ons, which the company calls LG Friends, make LG G5 an interesting device. It can be your Hi-Fi player, or you can make it an advanced camera.

The LG G5 has an impressive spec sheet as well. It is powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM. The 5.3-inch display has 2K QuadHD resolution. The LG G5 has two rear cameras; both with different kind of lenses. The 16MP sensor uses a standard lens while the 8MP sensor has wide 135 degree lens. There’s an 8MP front camera as well. The battery has been reduced a little to 2,800 mAh. The G4 put up a poor show in battery life so one would hope LG has fixed it in G5. LG’s flagship also gets USB Type-C port. The fingerprint sensor lands on the rear of the G5 giving it a slight bump. Hit the ‘Source’ link below to get the more details about G5 directly from LG.

The LG G5 and Friends will be hitting the shelves in April.