Live Traffic Comes To Bing Maps, Thanks To Nokia

May 25, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Yesterday Nokia announced the another advancement of their strategic partnership with Microsoft. Describing their relationship with Microsoft beyond Windows Phone,  Microsoft’s home grown mapping solution will now use Nokia’s algorithm. To be specific, Nokia has contributed their ‘trafficking’ and ‘geocoding’ algorithms,which are the parts of Nokia’s ‘Where Platform’  to improve Bing Maps. This will enable Bing Maps to provide life traffic information in the same countries as Nokia Maps. It’ll be able to display traffic information in 24 countries which include India, Autria, Brazil, Italy etc.  For users this will enable them to know the incidents that might disrupt their journeys. Also, the ‘geocoding’ from Nokia’s Where Platform will enable Bing Maps to show reasonable address using latitude and longitude information. For example, it’ll be difficult to tell what is situated at N47° 37? 13.807?, W122° 20? 57.088? without this geocoding but now using this same information Bing Maps can tell you that Seattle’s Space Needle is at this co-ordinates.  It now looks like the same solution will become available for Bing on Windows Phone devices in near future and both the parties are eager to do this as soon as possible.