After A Long Delay, Sony Starts Offering ‘Almost Forgotten’ SmartBand Talk and Smartwatch 3 In India

I wonder if you guys, especially Indian readers still remember Sony’s “latest” wearable tech. Latest as in something that was announced back at IFA Berlin in September 2014. Looks like Sony had also forgotten about it and the Indian market too. I don’t know about you folks, but I’d almost forgotten it until Sony India sent me an email telling that it has started selling its SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk in India.



SmartWatch 3 is the latest iteration of Sony’s smartwatch but unlike its predecessor it uses Android Wear instead of its own system. And SmartBand Talk is a stripped down version of its smartwatch platform. SmartWatch 3 packs a 1.6 inch display with 320×320 resolution while SmartBand Talk has a 1.4 inch e-ink display. Both of them can work independent of your phone. Both of them also include all essential sensors that track your daily physical activities and provide key information. And they are rugged too, sort of, with IP68 certification. Out of two, SmartBand Talk’s e-ink display offers great sunlight legibility and even with a tiny 70 mAh battery Sony claims it gives three days usage. And you can actually use SmartBand Talk for calling with support for HD Voice.


There are already various smartwathces in the market such as Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live to compete against SmartWatch 3 whereas SmartBand Talk will go against Galaxy Gear Fit. SmartWatch 3 is priced at $324 (INR 19,990) and SmartBand Talk is priced at $210 (INR 12,990). Both of them are priced comparatively higher which will give a rough start to Sony’s offering in already slow moving wearable market.