Lumia 520 And Lumia 720 Leaked In Press Shots Ahead Of MWC 2013

February 23, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Everyone is surely waiting for what Nokia is going to bring for the year 2013. All hopes are obviously on Mobile World Congress 2013 and new Lumia’s are obvious as well. We’re getting disappointed because we didn’t see them doing a cameo. But the ‘evleaks’ has managed to get what looks like press shots of the two Lumia’s that Nokia will probably revealing next week at MWC. The leaked Lumia’s are Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Lumia 520 seems to carry Lumia 820 design while Lumia 720 is influenced by that of Lumia 920. Both the phones could also have exchangeable back covers like Lumia 820. Since Lumia 520 is a lower end phone we guess it’ll have similar specs like Lumia 620 while Lumia 720 could retain same specs as Lumia 820. But in both the cases, there will be dual core processor and at least 512 MB RAM for sure to handle the Windows Phone 8.


Lumia 720


Lumia 520

It seems that Lumia 520 will have a big screen like Lumia 620, around 3.8 inch and a camera without flash. While Lumia 720, younger to Lumia 820 will have a similarly bigger screen. There will be Carl Zeiss lens equipeed camera on the back with single LED flash, could be 5 MP since Lumia 820 already has 8 MP camera and there will be front camera as well. Given the track record of evleaks we can say that these phones will be real but a pinch of salt wouldn’t mind.Lumia_720_Back

Lumia 720 Back Colors


Lumia 520 Back Colors

Source: @evleaks