Lumia 822 Goes Live On Verizon

October 29, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Verizon today finally announced the much awaited Lumia 822.Just few hours before the big Windows Phone event. Other major  States carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile had already announced their Lumia portfolio with AT&T bagging Lumia 920. Obviously, everyone’s eyes were on the biggest carrier Verizon.

Lumia 822 was leaked many times on the internet and earlier today its press shots were doing the rounds on the net (thanks to Evleaks). Coming back to the point, Lumia 822 runs on the 4G LTE network, has 8 MP Carl Zeiss camera and 1.2 MP HD front camera. It also supports exchangable shells like Lumia 820 and few supporting wireless charging. Nokia’s hasn’t explicitly stated the hardware specifications of the Lumia 822 but we hope they will be same as other phones like Lumia 800.

“Bringing the Nokia Lumia 822 to Verizon Wireless allows us to expand our award winning Lumia brand to even more customers here in the United States,” said Olivier Puech, President of Nokia Americas. “With the Nokia Lumia 822, first-time smartphone buyers – and those ready to switch – will get high-quality performance on both their device and Verizon Wireless’ incredibly fast 4G LTE network.”


 The Lumia 822 will run Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8. The Nokia Lumia 822 also comes with Nokia Drive+, an industry leading, turn-by-turn voice navigation solution featuring offline access and pre-loaded US maps – replacing the need for a standalone personal navigation device. In addition, the Nokia Lumia 822 comes with Nokia City Lens, the latest addition to the Nokia location suite and the start of a new augmented reality experience that also enhances Nokia Maps. Along with enhancements to Nokia Transit, the Nokia location suite of services represents the most comprehensive, integrated mapping experience of any smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 822 also comes with Nokia Music.

There’s no word on pricing and availability yet. But that should get cleared after todays Windows Phone event.