Lumia 928 vs Lumia 920 | Specifications compared

May 10, 2013 1 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


Today Nokia announced their much anticipated smartphone Lumia 928 for the biggest carrier in US, Verizon Wireless. It’s now their new flagship device in the States since Lumia 920 is already 6 months old. Apparently, Lumia 928 is not so different from Lumia 920 in terms of hardware. Though they’ll both stand out when you hold them in hands. Nokia did some amazing job by reducing the extra weight of the Lumia 920 as a result Lumia 928 is only 162 gm, quite an achievement!

We’re going to split our comparison into several parts. That of course starts with the housing of the device. Although both look quite similar, there are some differences that we’d like to point out. Lumia 928 features a little boxy type of design with squarish rounded corners vs curve unibody design of Lumia 920. Big differences on display technology since Nokia upgraded(!) the display to AMOLED in the Lumia 928 resulting brilliant deep Blacks & infinite contrast.


Same thing applies to the cameras. Both sport same 8.7 MP sensor with PureView branding on board but we reckon Lumia 928 will outperform Lumia 920 since Nokia might have tweaked the hardware a bit. On the other hand Xenon flash is back with splash! We’ll see how the duo of Xenon-LED performs against other smartphones in the market. Glorious results, we expect.


Now the internals! No change here, the absolute same hardwares. But there are some small criteria we’d like to tell you about. Lumia 928 features a Lithium-Polymer Battery. So expect some fast charging action along with longer talk time and standby. Big difference on color selections. Lumia 928 is only available in classic Black & White.


Since Lumia 920 is 6 months older than Lumia 928, the former one is going to be replaced by the latter one as a flagship. Lumia 928 has some big advantages over Lumia 920. It’s on the biggest carrier of USA, the country where Nokia is struggling to gain some traction. As reported earlier Nokia only sold 400K Lumia smartphones in the stateside in last quarter. So their luck is now up to Lumia 928. Whether Nokia will be relevant in the state or not time will tell. Hopefully Nokia & Verizon will sell millions of them. As Nokia has never been shy when it comes to innovation. We want fortune favors the brave.