Microsoft Lumia 638 Is A Lumia 630 Lookalike With 4G For India At $131


Now that 4G deployment has picked up some pace in India and that it will supposedly be cheaper than 3G, every manufacturer is releasing devices to not to miss the upcoming trend. Until very recently, 4G was exclusive to high end devices but it’s has started to appear on budget devices as well. Clearly, Microsoft too saw the opportunity there and hence it has launched the 4G equipped Lumia 638.

Microsoft-Lumia-638-AmazonAlthough Microsoft calls it a ‘new’ Lumia 638, it’s merely a bumped up version of the existing Lumia 630 dual SIM. It’s not just specs but both the phones share common design too. Technically both the phones have exact specifications except for the RAM amount, network support and SIM support they offer. Lumia 630 maxes out at 3G support while Lumia 638 goes ahead to sport the 4G network support. While both the handsets use same Snapdragon 400 processor, Lumia 638 1GB of RAM which is twice the 512MB RAM in Lumia 630. Another difference is that the Lumia 638 is a single SIM phone unlike Lumia 630 which has dual SIM support. Rests of the specifications are same for both the phones.

Lumia 638 supports LTE Cat 4 with FDD-LTE, TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA bands. Since Indian operators currently use band 40 for LTE and will support band 3 in near future. Lumia 638 has support for both the bands.

As far as the price is concerned, Lumia 638 is cheaper than the Lumia 630 at Rs. 8,299 ($131) and will be sold exclusively through Microsoft Store on Amazon India. Microsoft will start accepting pre-orders from tomorrow, that is, 17th December. And if you happen to live in Bengaluru, you can get 5GB of free 4G data on Airtel’s post-paid connection for two months.