Lumia Users Need Not Worry; Windows 10 Will Be Served To Them

Lumia Users Need Not Worry; Windows 10 Will Be Served To Them

November 14, 2014 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Lumia930-Lumia830-Lumia730-Group-webEver since Microsoft released its latest operating system Windows 10, which will be scaled across the devices, users of Windows Phone handsets are especially eager about it. Every Windows Phone user, who has heard about Windows 10, is wondering if his/her phone is going to get new update or not. Especially, those who own low end phones like Lumia 520 are more concered about for the obvious reasons.So shooting down all the speculations, Microsoft’s Lumia Twitter handle confirmed that Windows 10 will be served to all existing Lumia handsets. This is the first time ever we hearing about the Windows 10 for mobile devices. Microsoft seems to have intentions to make more mobile devices running Windows 10, as mentioned by the company’s twitter handle. This at least assures that Windows Phone 8 running devices will not be abandoned like WP7 ones.


If you’ve noticed, Microsoft is only talking about Lumia phones here and not ‘all’ Windows Phones. So whether or not other OEMs like HTC and Samsung update their phones to the latest version remains to be seen. Provided that the Windows 10 for PCs isn’t finalized yet, it’ll probably take even more time for Windows 10 to appear on phones. But it should arrive before the end of 2015, otherwise it’d be disappointing for most users.