Microsoft Might Stop Using Nokia & Windows Phone Branding On Devices

If the internal documents obtained by GeekOnGadgets turn out to be true, we will soon see Microsoft’s smartphones with no Nokia naming on it. Microsoft is also rumored to go a step ahead and even drop Windows Phone branding and instead use only Windows on its smartphones. So the future smartphones will carry only ‘Lumia’ branding on them.


When the Redmon giant acquired Nokia corps handset business, the deal allowed Microsoft to use Nokia branding on their phones for 10 years. So it was always temporary. This seems to impact only Lumia line up as far as Nokia branding is concerned and any feature phone, if Microsoft decides to make, should still feature it. Recently announced Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 830 are said to be the last devices to feature Nokia branding. The second change, replacing Windows Phone with Windows was also expected and obvious as Microsoft tries to unify the versions of its Windows OS. We will see Microsoft using only Windows in the smartphone promotions.

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