Nokia Lumia 930 To Skip India Launch? It Seems So

Lumia930Lumia 930 is Nokia’s latest flagship shipping worldwide and we’re expecting it to come India soon. If the report from WMPoweruser turns out to be reality, the handset will probably skip the Indian market. Microsoft has removed the product pages for Lumia 930 from Nokia India’s website. We haven’t heard of Microsoft prepping any new flagship to replace or company Lumia 930. Even in the countries where it’s been officially launched, Microsoft is facing problems to deliver it actually. For Windows Phone and Microsoft, India is one such market where the OS has actually seen some traction,although in low-mid range.

As you can see in the screenshot below,even the freshly announced Lumia 530 is listed as “Coming Soong” but there is no mention of Lumia 930 anywhere.


People are waiting for Lumia 930 as many find Lumia 1520 to be too big and Lumia 1020 outdated and expensive. Lumia 930 also offers comparable spec sheet. With its recent launches, it had started to look like Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile) is taking efforts to deliver products on time but sadly it’s not the case. Anyways, we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the pages were removed mistakenly and Lumia 930 is still coming to India. And if it does come after all, we hope Microsoft to price it sensibly or otherwise it’s going to be “dead on arrival”. We’re yet to hear from Microsoft regarding this, but we’ll keep you inform you as soon as we get any update.

Source | Thanks @_pk01 for the heads up!