Microsoft OneDrive Gets Support For Bigger Files, Folder Upload And Faster Syncing

Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive has just got enhanced with new features. This time the new features are delivered to the end users, like you and me. With latest update, OneDrive now supports files up to 10GB in size for uploads, up from previous 2GB. This is more than enough for most of us but there must be someone who upload such big files. And you’d be surprised to hear that this was the top requested feature on Microsoft’s UserVoice forum for OneDrive. Users can use apps on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms along with Web interface to upload files up to 10 GB. Microsoft is planning to roll this out to enterprise users later.

The next enhancement is the faster syncing on desktop version of OneDrive. Syncing in OneDrive is now three times faster. Along with this, Microsoft’s OneDrive now also gets a feature to share links to files right from Windows Explorer. This feature is limited to Microsoft’s own Windows 7 and 8. Windows 8.1 and Mac will get this feature later.

onedrive-share-linkAnd finally, OneDrive’s Web interface now also lets you uploads. I can tell you how much I missed this feature as first creating folder on OneDrive and then uploading fields was quite a task. You can now simply drag-drop folders in web browser to upload.