Microsoft Outs Universal Mobile Keyboard For iOS, Android and Windows


We all know Microsoft as a company is changing. Company is opening up to other platforms that exist out there. Today’s announcement of Microsoft Universal Keyboard confirms this. The new keyboard from Redmond giant is perfectly compatible with three major platforms; Windows, iOS and Android. Surprise, isn’t it? Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard has a tiny switch that lets you quickly change compatibility. It works over Bluetooth and compatible with iPad/iPhone, Android devices and Windows tablets. If you’re wondering about Windows Phone, no this keyboard doesn’t work with WP because it doesn’t have Bluetooth HID profiles which are used by this keyboard. (source:WMPoweruser)

By the way,it features a “chiclet” style keyboard. It gets a “Home” key instead of “Windows” key, which works across the platforms. Universal Mobile Keyboard also comes with a protective cover which also doubles up as the stand. But if you think its inconvenient, you can detach it as well. You just open the cover to switch it on and close to switch it off. This cool keyboard comes in black and white colors. White version would be loved by iPad users.

Microsoft will start selling the Universal Mobile Keyboard from October at $79.95 and through its own stores and retailers. Check it out here.