Microsoft shows us the importance of low light photography

May 28, 2013 0 By Faisal Bin Ahmed

low-light-infographicWe all know how good is Lumia 920’s camera when it comes to low light photography. It’s one of the major selling point of the device. As for Lumia 928, it’s supposed to best Lumia 920 in low light imaging because of the added Xenon flash that can freeze motion and heavily used with modern DSLR cameras. But do people really care about photograph captured in low light? The studies show yes and Microsoft wants you to know that.

On the above infographic, it clearly states night is the time when people take photos. The infographic is fun and shows some rather amazing facts too. Although it highlights the facts based on USA but most of them are also true for other people. So if you want the best low light camera aka camera, grab Lumia 928. Too bad you don’t live in the US? Grab the Lumia 920 or upcoming Lumia 925

Head over to this link to see the references.