Microsoft Surface Laptop Running Windows 10 S To Target Classrooms

Microsoft Surface Laptop Running Windows 10 S To Target Classrooms

May 5, 2017 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Google’s Chromebooks have been slowly but steadily creeping into the classrooms, a market which has been somewhat ignored by Microsoft. To fix the things up, it has added a totally new product to its Surface lineup, dubbed Surface Laptop.

Microsoft Surface Laptop is no less powerful than any other laptop available in the market. The powerful spec sheet indeed underlines the fact. However, it is marketed as one for┬ácollege goers. That shouldn’t stop others from buying one, though. instead of the users the elder Surface Book aims for.

You get to choose from either 7th generation Core i5 or Core i7 processors with SSD storage. The Core i5 variant come with either 4GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB configuration. The Core i7 one comes in 8GB/256GB and 16GB/512GB options. The SSD storage will only add to the performance centric Windows 10 S that this Surface Laptop will be running.

The Surface Laptop has a 13.5 inch PixelSense screen featuring pixel density of 201 ppi and is also touch enabled. The Surface Laptop boasts battery life 14.5 hours video playback. So for everything else that doesn’t demand resources, it should be even more. It gets you covered with standard USB 3.0 port, Mini Display port, proprietary Surface Connect port and it is also compatible with Surface Dial.

Surface Laptop runs on a new flavor of Windows 10 dubbed Windows 10 S. It’s basically a stripped-down, lightweight version of regular Windows 10 focusing on performance and security. So it will run only Windows Store apps, but thankfully you can upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro free till 31st December and $50 thereafter.

Although with Surface Laptop Microsoft has its eyes on classrooms, it is really putting it against MacBook Pro 13 as both of them run desktop grade operating systems.

The Surface Laptop starts at $999 for base Core i5 version and goes all the way up to $2,199 for top Core i7 version. All the four variants are already up for pre-order.