Windows Phone To Run Only On Qualcomm Hardware,Says Microsoft

Very recently few Indian and some other low cost handset makers joined Windows Phone party. Those are the ones who usually produce some cheap yet decent value for money phones. They could do so because of the MediaTek SoCs they usually use to build their phones. Ever since these new manufactures joined the team, there have been speculations that Microsoft would modify its requirements to allow for new SoC, specifically those by MediaTek. In addition to giving Windows Phone free to them, low cost SoCs would have helped produce even cheaper devices than existing Lumia 520.


Microsoft has just put full stop to all those speculations. While speaking to Times of India recently, Vineet Durani, Windows Phone India head said,

“We don’t have any plans to explore chipsets (processors and RAM etc) made by others… At this point of time companies making Windows Phone have to use the Qualcomm hardware.”

He also said,

“I can’t comment on the future but I can say that we are highly committed to Qualcomm hardware. Qualcomm is a great partner and I don’t see any reason to look at anybody else right now because the objective really is to push out great devices… affordable devices and we feel that we can do it with the Qualcomm hardware. Because you are adhering to a certain set of specifications, the performance of all Windows Phone devices is at a level that is acceptable to us.”

We got to agree with him. We already know MediaTek’s SoCs are not known for big performance. That is exactly where the Qualcomm has upper hand. Since, WP7 we’ve seen how smoothly OS performs on very low end hardware and without any doubt it’ll continue to be so. But making cheap devices at the cost user experience just doesn’t make sense. And as long as the OS isn’t being a resource hog, we are fine with just anything.

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