Microsoft’s Cortana For Android And iOS Will Arrive Soon

Microsoft’s Cortana For Android And iOS Will Arrive Soon

May 26, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Woah, this is indeed a big news today coming from Redmond. It seems Microsoft can’t love its competitors enough. In a latest move, Microsoft has announced its voice assistant, Cortana, is coming to phones running on Android and iOS. This is by far the most impressive move from the company.Cortana-Android-Phone

There’re no two ways about Cortana ever improving intelligence but since it’s going to be an app on Android and iOS, it will be limited in functionality. It will still be synced with your Windows running PC, though. Next preview build of Windows 10 will come with a newly announced Phone Companion app which will let iOS and Android users install Cortana companion app. Microsoft is saying the current will be inferior to Windows Phone version as special OS-specific system permissions aren’t available. Therefore, you won’t be able to invoke Cortana by just saying “Hey, Cortana” or launch apps.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has scored big with this move as it will fetch them data from large number of users on Android and iOS compared to tiny bit on Windows Phone. I’m personally excited to see how it works on these two platforms. You will be able to to try it out as soon as next preview build of Windows 10 is out in next few weeks. Cortana for Android will be available by the end of the June and iOS version will be released sometime later this year.