Microsoft’s Windows Insiders For Xiaomi Phones Will Start In China Very Soon

While everyone is celebrating their installs of Windows 10, here’s an interesting bit which many of us would have missed. Sometimes back we heard Microsoft started a closed beta program in partnership with Xiaomi to install and run Windows 10 Mobile on its phones. But it was on a very small scale.

Joe Belfiore, the guy at Microsoft who heads Mobile efforts, has said the company is kicking off a new Windows Insider program in China, once again with Xiaomi. This one would be on a broad scale. Joe even posted a photo of a Xiaomi Mi4i running Windows 10 Mobile build 10240 (current latest is 10166), and said that it’s his daily driver.


Microsoft’s intention is to let users install Windows 10 Mobile on their existing Android phones if they are interested. If this moves ahead as Microsoft expects, it’ll be a major feat in the mobile industry, I believe as it will let users have an OS of their choice on their phones. Other outcome would be Microsoft’s mobile OS will get more users.