Moto C & Moto C Plus: Motorola’s New Sub $100 Budget Bangers

The rumors we heard about Moto C and Moto C recently have turned out to be true with today’s official announcement of both the phones. The new Moto C series is indeed cheaper than the E series above it.Motorola doesn’t seem very excited about its new smartphones as the it decided to not tell us the key tech specs of its new budget phones. It didn’t even care about telling the display size or what processor the Moto C and Moto C Plus have, leaving it to us to guess. Let’s see what Motorola told us.

Motorola says the 2,350 mAh battery of Moto C is a long lasting one. It’s size says otherwise. The Moto C Plus, on the other hand, actually has a 4,000 mAh battery fitting the definition. Both the phones will come with 1GB RAM only. As understood from the rumors earlier, the Moto C will come in 3G and 4G variants featuring 1GB/8GB and 1GB/16GB RAM/storage combo respectively. The Moto C Plus will be 4G only with 1GB/16GB configuration.

The cameras on both the phones, going by their descriptions, will give good experience to the users. The Moto C has 5MP rear camera with flash and 2MP front camera with selfie flash. The Moto C Plus gets slightly better 8MP with flash and same 2MP front camera with flash. And at least, the Moto C Plus is confirmed to have dual SIM feature and microSD slot. We expect the same for Moto C although Motorola isn’t saying so explicitly.

For sure, nobody is gonna buy one of these for their looks.

The Moto C 3G is priced at €89 (~US $97) and it’s 4G variant at €99 (~US $110). The Moto C Plus won’t cost much either as it is comes with the price tag of €119 (~US $130). Beginning this spring, all three phones will be available in Latin America, APAC and Europe but not in the USA.