Moto G Users Reporting SIM Problems In India

Moto G Users Reporting SIM Problems In India

February 20, 2014 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


No sooner the proud owners of Moto G were treated with the tasty KitKat upgrade, than the news of software glitches that lead issues with SIM card started surfacing as first reported by BGR. This has,apparently, left the users of the Moto G frustrated.
Users are complaining of SIM cards not being detected, they also confirmed that the same SIM was detected in the other tray. Also after a while, the phone would behave normally. We’re not sure if this issue is widespread or it’s the problem with very few devices out there. But people are definitely disappointed.

Is this because Moto G is the first dual SIM phone with KitKat? We’re not sure! But what we are sure of is that Motorola has been put to test in the Indian markets in barely two weeks! It is evident that Motorola has won the hearts of Indian tech users with it’s exceptionally priced exceptional phone, but earning a name as a great after sales service provider is a different ball game altogether. Even companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC leave their customers frowning with their after sales service. And if Motorola is able to convert this opportunity successfully, days won’t be far that it becomes a household name when it comes to good mobile phones.

Will Motorola be able to take care of its nascent market in India? Will its merger with Lenovo affect it’s performance? Only time will tell! And when it does, we’ll be here with the latest! Till then let us know if you are a Moto G user and are having troubles with the latest KitKat upgrade!

Via | Vivek Todi contributed to this post.