Achievement Unlocked! Moto X and Moto G Get Android Lollipop Before Nexus Users


When it’s about Android updates, every Android user out there starts wondering when his/her phone is getting the latest. With Android Lollipop, OEMs are showing the never ever seen enthusiasm. Every OEM wants to release the update as soon as possible. This makes me wonder if I’m living in some fairyland.

Motorola has raced ahead of everyone, including Google, to push out final builds of Android Lollipop update to its devices. Motorola was also the first one to declare its upgrade plans. While Nexus users are still waiting for Google to roll out updates for their beloved devices, Motorola users can start taking a taste of Lollipop. I mean the OS. So the Moto X (2014) Pure Edition and Moto G (2014) GSM variants including US variant, are getting the Android Lollipop update. I know first edition devices aren’t listed here but it won’t be long before they too get their due Android Lollipop update. What helps Motorola to enable faster updates is its approach of not putting custom UI on its devices. Pure Android experience.

Now it’s your turn to hit that update button and get the update. And if there are some Nexus users in your friend circle, make sure you show off how Motorola updated its devices faster than Google. It truly is your time. If you’ve already got the update, let us know what you think about it.