Motorola Throws Pots At Samsung Galaxy S3 In Latest Advert

December 13, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Remember the days when Samsung would make fun of Apple fanboys standing in long ques to buy latest iPhone by showing them latest Galaxy S phones in adverts? Well, something like that is now happening to Samsung itself. And who’s doing it? Motorola. Motorola has compared their Droid RAZR HD against S3 to show how it weighs more than it in different areas.

They start with stating that RAZR HD has more battery power than Samsung Galaxy S3 which we think is right.

Then they have shown the toughness of RAZR HD. It has DuPont KEVLAR fiber and a water repellant nano-coating which gives it the toughness to go through all the conditions. This is the area where S3 is surely not immune to drops,bumps and water.

Interestingly (and irnonically) they also boast about SuperAMOLED HD display in DROID RAZR HD. Motorola should have done their homeworks first and best before boasting about it. We all know who makes their display panels.

Let’s see what’s Samsung’s answer gonna be in this game of potshots.