Motorola To Offer Warranty On Bootloader Unlocked Dveloper Edition Phones


Here comes a good news for the Android developer community. Motorola has tweaked its Developer Edition program policies. It has introduced couple of important changes aimed at developer community. Under the new policy Motorola will be honoring warranty on even on the bootloader unlocked devices. Secondly, it will be publishing factory images so that you can flash your devices to the original state. This is useful if you’ve built and loaded custom ROM on your devices.

The new changes are applicable for the developer devices that were purchased in the 2012 or 2013 directly from Motorola and were bootloader unlocked subsequently. For those devices, Motorola will restore the warranty right from the date of actual purchase. The eligible devices are Moto X DE (GSM and Verizon variants) and Droid Maxx DE (Verizon). We are unaware of any of the Android OEM which doesn’t void the warranty in such scenarios since custom ROMs can modify the behavior of the device in an unintended way.

Further, Motorola has made the factory images available here.