MWC 2013 and what’s in there for windows phone

February 10, 2013 0 By Faisal Bin Ahmed

xl_MWC2013Mobile World Congress, the biggest exhibition of mobile electronics & telecommunication products, is soon going to be held at Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Like previous years many mobile phone manufacturers & service providers will unveil their new products & services at this event. Last year we saw Nokia unveiling their mighty 41MP shooter Nokia 808 Pureview &  new range of Lumia windows phone handsets. So what’s gonna happen this year? We reckon something exciting! 

Rumor has it, the biggest windows phone OEM Nokia will unwrap some new Lumia handsets (or a tablet maybe?). others? Well we’re skeptical but Huawei & LG also rumored to be unveiling new range of windows phone handsets. If we summarize the existing rumors we see, Nokia will release six new Lumias along with a tablet and few Ashas. OTOH Huawei will also release some windows phone devices including a 6.1” phablet. LG, one of the first OEM to embrace windows phone who stopped manufacturing windows phone last year is also said to be be introducing their new range of windows phone.

But what’s so exciting for windows phone? Nokia will introduce some exciting new devices there. First thing comes to the mind is the rumored 41MP Lumia codenamed EOS. After 808PV & Lumia 920 we can expect it’ll create a new milestone for camera phones thus it’ll take windows phone to a new height. Oversampling, Lossless zoom along with optical image stabilization goodness is expected to be the key features of the phone

nokia-lumia-pureviewCould this be the next big thing aka Nokia EOS?

According to the site pureviewclub this phone will feature:

4.3” curved touchscreen with HD display

41MP sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology

1080p Ful HD video recording with Rich Recording technology

Dual-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU

Microsoft Windows Phone Operating system

New-PureView-RumourRender of a leaked lumia model

Rumor also has it, Nokia will release a thinner, lighter, aluminium made Lumia ‘catwalk’  and a Lumia 920’s successor ‘laser’ (for Verizon?) along with their second generation Lumia 520/720, we don’t know if there will be any Lumia tablet.

Windows phone, with 5% global market share is now the fastest growing mobile operating system. We know Microsoft won’t be there at MWC so we don’t expect any new OS update or features but on the hardware side OEMs are gonna give us some new handsets with exciting new features and updated specs. Nokia will broaden their Lumia handset portfolio, Huawei will release some entry level to high end smartphones , LG’s gonna comeback to the party. Yet we don’t know anything about Samsung/HTCs plan but we won’t be surprised at all if they show us something… unseen. So at the end of the day it’s a win for the consumer and us windows phone enthusiasts. More hardware means more consumers, more developers…apps. We’re looking forward to see what’s waiting for us, all our unanswered questions will be answered. Hopefully we’ll see Ballmer again :p announcing availability of Instagram(!) or how much windows phone has been grown. We can start the countdown…….