New Nokia QWERTY phone’s on the horizon

April 22, 2013 0 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


The official Nokia blog Nokia Conversations just posted this image above citing “What’s up at Nokia?” As we can see it will be announced by┬áNeil Broadley of their Mobile phone division so we have high confidence that the image above is a part of a new Asha phone. Well it does look like Lumia 620 a quite with its rounded corner but there are some physical buttons on the bottom. We see Z and SHIFT so it’s definitely a QWERTY phone.

Now the big question is, will it introduce a new revamped OS? In our opinion it’s very likely as Evleaks teased a new UI for Asha phones earlier. So folks be tight until 7am Wednesday(GMT), something exciting is coming!

Source: Conversations by Nokia