Nexus 7’s Share In Web Traffic Increases

According to reports from Chitika, the Nexus 7, Google’s own tablet baby has started raising in web-traffic stats. The Nexus 7 tab was launched in July this year.

It is Google’s attempt to boost the Android’s share in the tablet market which is dominated by iPad. As per the report it’s impression in web traffic is just 0.33% but considering that it was introduced in July and started all the way from 0, it’s almost 135% increment. The Samsung Galaxy Tab portfolio together has just 2.5% share in the web traffic and it’s double than any other Android tablet. Compared to iPad these stats are still negligible. For the matter of fact, iPad accounts for 91% of web traffic generated by tablets. The Chitika spokesperson told CNET that they had to compare other tablets on ‘per 100 iPad impressions’ to make the graph readable.

You can see the full report by Chitika here | Via