Nokia 3,5 and 6 – Nokia’s Purest Android Phones Make Global Debut

Nokia is already back in making phones with its Nokia 6 that was launched in China just a month. Yet, we all waited for today’s announcement at MWC 2017. Nokia 6 has just gone global along with new Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

Nokia calls its latest Android phones, the PureDroid or the phones running the purest version of Android, same as Google Pixel. Nokia made it such a big deal that Jamie, VP of Android and Play, made an appearance to welcome Nokia phones to Android family. Designs of three phones may or may not appeal to everyone, but their prices reflect it.

Starting with Nokia 3, it’s the cheapest with of them all. It runs on a MediaTek 6737 processor and 2GB RAM. It’s got 8MP cameras front and back, both with AF. Its 5 inch screen has 720p HD resolution and it’s covered with 2.5D curved glass along with polarizer to improve sunlight legibility. Something which was common on Nokia phones of the past. There’s 16GB storage onboard along with microSD slot.

The next in line is Nokia 5, a little better than Nokia 3, but not better than Nokia 6. Basically it fills the gap between two. This one features a 5.2 inch, 720p HD display, slightly bigger than Nokia 3’s 5 inch display. It’s carved out of aluminum block just like Nokia 6. While it features the same Snapdragon 430 processor as Nokia 6, it has 2GB RAM like Nokia 3. Another feature it borrows from Nokia 6 is the fingerprint sensor. As it sits above Nokia 3, Nokia 5 gets 13MP rear camera and 8MP AF front camera. This one, too, has 16GB storage and microSD slot.

The Nokia 6 doesn’t really any introduction. It’s the best Nokia has to offer as of now and until its real flagship comes out. At MWC, Nokia announced the Arte Black edition of the phone which comes in exclusive memory configuration, 4GB/64GB. The Arte Black edition features piano finish. Other than that, everything about Nokia 6 remains same.

All three phones will be available in single as well as dual SIM variant. The Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will retail for €229, €189 and €139 respectively. The Nokia 6 Arte Black edition will sell for €299. These phones will hit the local markets starting Q2 2017.