Nokia 8 Launched In India, To Be Available Around Diwali

Nokia 8 Launched In India, To Be Available Around Diwali

September 26, 2017 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

India has been one of Nokia’s most favorite market and there’s still a good fan base which swears by the brand name. Nokia’s new Android phones have been receiving a good response. Now the Nokia 8 is here to test the waters.

The Nokia 8 is currently the only flagship grade phone from the revived Finish phone maker. The USP of Nokia’s phone is its camera. It boasts a twin camera setup with 13MP sensors which also use ZEISS optics. Even the front 13MP has ZEISS optics. The Nokia 8 can use both its front and rear cameras at the same time to capture videos and photos, a feature Nokia calls DualSight. It can also record 360-degree audio with the same tech that’s also used in Nokia’s Ozo camera.

The Nokia 8 carries Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB RAM inside. Its prime competitor is obviously the OnePlus 5 which has more RAM in both the variants. On the outside, Nokia’s flagship is made out of single block of series 6000 aluminum.

Nokia 8 has stock Android 7.1.1 running out of the box. So far, Nokia has delivered security updates faster than others and in cases even beat Google Pixel. At Rs.36,999, which sounds like a fair pricing, it is locking horns with OnePlus 5 8GB RAM variant. OnePlus has also managed to create a strong fan base in India so the obvious challenge is to win them over. However, you’ll have to wait until October 14, which is just a few days before the festive season of Diwali when it can get a really good response. Nokia has also played smartly by not keeping it online exclusive, although you can buy it on Amazon. It will also be available through offline channels, thereby maximizing the coverage of the flagship.

So, if you’re to choose between OnePlus 5 and Nokia, what would be your choice?