Nokia announces re-entry in U.S. with Lumia 710

Couple of days ago we reported that Nokia has started shipping their second Lumia phone, 710 to global markets. And soon after that Nokia has announced that they’ll be making Lumia 710 available in U.S. as well in association with T-Mobile, a leading U.S. carrier. Ever since Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft, they were aiming for U.S. markets where company had become almost non-existent. To concentrate on Windows Phone completely Nokia even stopped the sales of Symbian smartphones in U.S. Nokia hopes to get back on the track in the U.S. market with their new Windows Phone lineup. While both Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 aren’t Nokia flagships we’re hoping for at least Lumia 800 but it seems that Nokia is testing the U.S. market before they launch their actual Windows Phone flasghsip. But consumers will still be getting the same experience since Lumia 710 shares exactly the same hardware with Lumia 800 except for the 8MP camera and AMOLED display. On T-Mobile Lumia 710 will be available for $49.99 on two years contract which in our opinions is pretty impressive. The phone is expected to appear in the stores in early January.