Nokia Asha 311 And Why Should You Buy It

August 28, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

The latest full touch phones from Nokia’s Asha are creating buzz in handset market in India. Introduced just few weeks before, the phones have gone from bestseller to out of stock. Even the low end Asha 305, put at very right price point and though it has resitive touch, people have like it a lot. I personally took the feedback from few vendors here in Mumbai and they are extremely happy with the performance.

Asha 311 is the latest entrant in the series here. I tell you, the device looks very attractive. Plus the variety of the colors Nokia is offering for Asha 311 is cherry on the top of the cake. Especially the pink color, females will love it and you can obviously gift it to your girlfriend, she will love it.  Trust me. The device is tiny, cute and easily fits in your palms and your pockets. It has 3.0″ capacitive touch-screen along with Gorilla Glass on the top of it which gives protection from the scratches.

Now let’s come to the point. Asha 311 is actually a very good phone rather a smartphone. Yes, it’s a smartphone. It handles your Facebook and Twitter, syncs mails, plays songs for you on the move without burning a hole in your pocket. Spec wise too it’s packs a punch. 1GHz processor processor assures you the smooth operation. Plus 3G and Wi-Fi will make sure that you don’t get lost anywhere. Asha 311 also packs 3.2 MP camera for capturing your sweet memories.

The UI, Asha Smart UI as Nokia calls it, is inspired from the MeeGo UI. While being cool it also brings simplicity to the navigation in menus.  The use of swipe technology is very innovative. It’s implemented even on the lockscreen. You just swipe in any direction to unlock the phone. Lockscreen will also show  notifications for  new incoming messages.  You just need to hold on them and swipe in any direction and it’ll directly take you the respective application.  The logic is fairly simple, the whole UI is split into three panes.  The default and the central is all your apps. On its left there’s  dialer and the one on the right is the quick launch pane which you can use to put shortcuts of frequently used apps. This approach makes it very easy to use the phone for people especially elderly people. There’s no complexity at all.   Then there’s the very famous pull down notification bar. Apart from showing your notifications it also has toggles to for data,Wi-Fi and likes.  If you’re thinking to gift it to your parents then don’t look anywhere else. Asha 311 should be the perfect choice.


Well that’s not all about Asha 311. Nokia has come up with few perks with Asha 311. First of all, the Asha 311 comes with the same Nokia maps which are being offered their Symbian and Windows Phone handsets.  So you can rely on Asha 311 as your navigator for your journey. Then there’s unlimited songs download offered by Nokia. You can download just any song of any genere from Nokia Music. For people loving games, they can download full and free versions of 40 EA games from Nokia Store (which would otherwise cost Rs. 2700). For youth, the Asha 311 comes preloaded with WhatsApp messenger. And to enjoy all these one will definitely the need the internet and Nokia has taken it into consideration and is offering 4GB of 3G data on Airtel when they buy Asha 311. Further, it also has 2GB memory card in-box.

For anyone looking for an affordable smartphone at very good price we’ll definitely recommend Asha without a  second thought. Asha 311 is available for Rs.6559 (MRP Rs. 7000) on Nokia Store.