Nokia Introduces Brand New HERE Maps For iOS,Android And Firefox OS

November 14, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Nokia Maps have always proved to be great companion for people due it’s rich feature set. It’s one of the best mapping and navigation solution if not best. It now even empowers Bing maps on Windows and Windows Phone. It’s the one feature of Nokia which the new CEO Stephen Elop has been emphasizing on from last few months, Location,Location and Location. He surely recognized Nokia’s potential in this field. Now taking a step or steps forward Nokia has introduced its brand new location and mapping solution and the great part is that it’s not tied to one single platform like Windows Phone. Nokia has made it available for various other platforms like iOS, Android and Firefox OS.

Nokia will release apps for iOS and Android in their resepctive app stores. On iOS, it’ll be usable without data connection that is in offline mode. This just like how the Nokia Maps behave on Symbian and MeeGo. Users can save the map data on their devices and use it later when needed with upto four zoom levels. It’s built using HTML5 technology. For iOS users there’ll be voice guided navigation too but it’ll be limited to walking only and won’t be available for driving. But it’ll give directions for driving and public trnasport in over 500 citites. It’ll also support live traffic information and incident notice. Since Apple Maps are doing any good and Google is not willing to release their map app to iOS anytime soon. So for the iOS users Nokia’s HERE Maps should be the best thing right now since Nokia has proven expertise in this area.

Improvising on original Nokia Maps, HERE Maps brings the new feature called ‘Collections’. It’ll help users to bookmark their favorite locations and put them in different categories for easier access next time giving users an option to create their own, personalized maps.

Further, Nokia has also partnered with Mozilla to bring HERE Maps to Firefox OS. Firefox OS is already being developed on HTML5. Nokia’s HERE platform will enable the developers to make use of Nokia’s rich data. HERE Maps will also support Android OS. Nokia will release HERE SDK for Android in early 2013 to the OEMs and partners. It’ll help them integrate the Nokia’s mapping data into their apps. HERE Maps on Android will support 3D and street level imagery. To see what all HERE Maps will offer on Android see the video of reference app created by Nokia,