Nokia launches new ‘Asha’ line of S40 phones as a part of ‘The Next Billion’ strategy.

Nokia launches new ‘Asha’ line of S40 phones as a part of ‘The Next Billion’ strategy.

October 26, 2011 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Today on 26th October Nokia introduced the new ‘Asha’ line of S40 phones. These new phones are the part of Nokia’s previously announced ‘The Next Billion’ strategy. The name ‘Asha’, a word from Hindi, means hope. These phones are launched with keeping various classes in mind. These new phones will bring easier internet access to many people who expect it to happen with ease. Nokia launched four new phones under Asha brandname today viz. Asha 200, Asha 201, Asha 300 and Asha 303. All the four phones has different target audience. The three of them, Asha 200, Asha 201, Asha 303 are QWERTY phones while Asha 300 comes with regular alpha-numeric keypad. Asha 300 and Asha 303 both the phones belong to touch-and-type category of phones and that they also come with 1GHz processor like their Symbian Belle counterparts. Of all the Asha phones announced today Asha 200 is the only phone to have dual SIM capability.

With introduction of Asha series of phones Nokia has also improved S40. Nokia has introduced their new cloud based browser for S40 which compresses data by upto 90%, which is very essential where per MB costs are too high or people have slower internet connections. And a great news for Angry Birds addicts is that Andgry Bir

 Nokia Asha 200

The first phone in Asha line of phones and only phone to have dual SIM capability. The phone is aimed mainly at youths wanting to stay connected to their social networks all the time. To add fun to their experience it also comes with full QWERTY keyboard. The Nokia Asha 200 features integrated social networking, email and IM, adding RenRen, Orkut and Flickr support. It supports memory cards upto 32GB and has amazing battery life of 52 hrs of music playback. Asha 200 will retail at €60 before any taxes or subsidies and prices will vary depending upon the markets. It’ll start shipping Q4 of 2011.




 Asha 201

Asha 201 is the single SIM version of Asha 200. It features the same full QWERTY keypad. Other features are exactly same as Asha 200 like support for memory cards upto 32GB and 52 hrs playback time. The Asha 201 will also retail at €60 before any taxes or subsidies. Asha 201 will start shipping in first quarter of 2012.






  Asha 300

The next in line is Asha 300 and one more addition to touc-and-type portfolio of Nokia phones. Asha 300 has 2.4″ resistive touch-screen. Asha 300 also features 1GHz processor and provides seamless connectivity with 3G(HSPA). The phone has 5MP camera and can record videos in VGA format (25 fps). It has 140MB internal memory and supports memory cards upto 32GB. The Asha 300 will start shipping in Q4 2011 and expected to retail around €85 before any taxes and subsidies.





Asha 303 

Asha 303 is another 1GHz S40 announced today and it also raises the status of S40 further by adding large 2.6″ capacitive touchscreen ever in S40 portfolio and it also combines the fun of full QWERTY keypad.  On connectivity front it offers 3G and WiFi. The Nokia 303 will come pre-installed with Angry Birds Lite, Facebook Char, WhatsApp and Nokia Maps. The phone will start shipping in Q4 2011 and will cost €115 excluding taxes and subsidies.







Source: Nokia Press