Nokia Launches Triplet Of Affordable 3G Phones: Nokia 207,Nokia 208 And Nokia 208 DualSIM

July 3, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


Continuing with its effort to bring feature rich phones to the wider audience and essentially connecting the next billions, Nokia has launched three new phones, Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM.All three phones are equipped with 3.5G capability, thus bringing the faster internet access to the masses. 

Out of the all three phones, Nokia 208 Dual SIM is the most feature rich phone. The three phones have very little differences. The Nokia 207 doesn’t have any kind of camera while Nokia 208 comes with 1.3 MP camera. Nokia 208 Dual SIM, apart from the features in single SIM variant, also packs dual SIM functionality with Easy Swap technology. The secondary SIM offers only 2G network support.

All three phones also adopt Nokia’s new design language. It’s essentially the mix of Lumia-Asha design. All three phones have 2.4″ screen with QVGA (240×320) resolution. The phones launched today also feature no-gap ‘splashproof‘ keypads. The outer shells are made in such a way that color runs throughout and hide scratches to some extent. Phones also have 256 MB of internal memory with support for microSD cards upto 32GB. Nokia 207 and 208 offer impressive 33 days of standby while Nokia 208 Dual SIM offers 20 days of standby. The three phones are perfectly suitable for rough environments with their scratch and splash proof abilities.

These three phones also support Mail-for-Exchange. These phones will also come pre-installed with Facebook, Twitter and while WhatsApp will be initially available on single SIM Nokia 208. With the introduction of these phones, Nokia has also introduced new Transfer app which allows contact transfer from Windows Phone 8 and Android devices.

Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 will be available in exciting colors such as red, cyan, yellow, white and black. Nokia 207 and Nokia 208  are priced at $68 and will start shipping the Q3 2013.