Nokia Lumia hands-on experience

Nokia Lumia hands-on experience

November 24, 2011 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Day before yesterday Nokia India had organized an event especially for bloggers and reviewers in Mumbai and yes I was also invited. Event started with a presentation mixed with live examples of Windows Phone 7.5 on Lumia 800.  Mr.Kaustuv Chatterjee of Nokia India explained many essential parts of Lumia 800 and Nokias deal with Microsoft. He then went ahead explaining unique differentiators like Nokia Drive app which is available only to Lumia users. It was followed by a small Questions and Answers session when bloggers asked him few questions about Lumia 800, Windows Phone and their future.


After it was over we took a tea break and then Nokia took us for ‘Drive’ activity in a card (Ford Endeavour, great car I must say) where we were shown live demo of Nokia Drive app on Lumia 800. It was accurate and speedy. When we didn’t take a turn at a point suggested by it and we passed it, it quickly recalculated the new route without any delay.

Overall the device was too good. It’s put inside the beautiful and greatest ever housing of N9. The same display, the same slim, timeless design are things which makes it special. On hardware front a 1.4 GHz processor is always there at your service which makes sure that there won’t be any dealays.

And last but not the least, the Press Kit which we received yesterday was exceptional, one of its kind.

And few pieces from official press release,

The stunningly social Nokia Lumia 800 brings content to life with head-turning design, familiar Nokia elements, such as leading imaging capabilities and new signature experiences. It also offers Nokia’s best social and Internet performance with one-touch social network access, easy grouping of contacts, integrated communication threads and Internet Explorer 9. The Nokia Lumia 710 is a smartphone that delivers excellent performance and a wide array of functionality. Colorful and compact, it can be personalized with interchangeable back covers and thousands of apps.

The Nokia Lumia smartphones also come with several unique apps preloaded on to them such as ContactsTransfer, a first-of-its kind which allows phonebook transfer from any other device/platform and App Highlights, which showcases top apps and is integrated seamlessly with the online Windows Phone Marketplace.

Nokia has been working on an extensive developer engagement and outreach programs in collaboration with Microsoft, covering over 1000 developers in India. The Windows Phone Marketplace will have 750 rich, locally relevant apps created by Indian partners when the Nokia Lumia hits the shelves in India.  In addition, users will also have access to over 35000 apps from Microsoft, both paid and free to download, on the Windows Marketplace.