Nokia-Microsoft Activated 12M Lumia 520s

Nokia-Microsoft Activated 12M Lumia 520s

July 15, 2014 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


Since it’s introduction, as many as 12 million Lumia 520s have been activated till date. This news is no surprise to us as we’ve actually seen Lumia 520 being sold in numbers than any other Windows Phone handset out there. This is all possible due to it’s sweet price tag. This data comes directly from the Microsoft COO Kevin Turner, revealed during World Wide Partner conference.

Lumia 520 has been Nokia’s handset for budget conscious segment. It lets users taste Windows Phone without much compromises on the features. In the past third parties like AdDuplex have mentioned the strong presence of Lumia 520 and its US variant Lumia 521. Lumia 520 is currently being sold at as low as $120,unlocked in India and Lumia while Lumia 521 has been available on T-Mobile off contract for as low as $70 which makes it an attractive deal for first time buyers. Although the device has aged and Lumia 525 has been here for quite some time now to take its place, the original Lumia 520 is still being sold as it competes against cheap droids.