Nokia phones with infinite standby time are coming

March 25, 2013 2 By Faisal Bin Ahmed

nokia infnt

An article from The Guardian suggests that Nokia is on its way of making a phone with theoretically infinite standby time. However it’s still just a prototype so we are not sure if it’s coming in their upcoming phones or not. Researcher Markku Rouvala of one of their R&D facilities at Cambridge, UK had a speech with the Guardian. He tells the Guardian how this could give their future phone an endless standby time. Though at the moment the technology can’t be used to charge your phone fully but it can provide enough power to your phone that you won’t need to charge it for additional standby time.

Collecting electromagnetic waves from our surroundings and then transform it to electricity is the principle behind this technology. They invented an antenna that can receive power from 500 MHz to 10 GHz wave frequencies. As for now the Researchers only have managed to harvest 5 milliwatts electric current but they reckon that they will increase this to 20 milliwatts. They think that this will be sufficient enough for a phone to make or receive calls. But to charge a device literally by this method they have to improve this rate to 50 milliwatts according to Markku Rouvala.

Here we can see the innovations of future are slowly but surely coming to our hands. With launching of Wireless charging and soon to be released Solar charging Nokia is making itself one of most innovative brands out there. Remember Nokia announced a device with 35 days standby time this MWC? So it’s very likely we’ll see more energy sufficient & resource friendly devices from them in future!

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