Nokia Releases Xpress For Lumia Devices

Nokia Releases Xpress For Lumia Devices

October 4, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Nokia has released the first beta of the Nokia Xpress for Lumia browser for their Lumia lineup of Windows Phones. The Nokia Xpress app makes use of Nokia Cloud platform for faster browsing and reduction in data consumption. The app works in the same as manner as its counterpart on Asha phones. But on Lumia phones, it takes advantage of the Windows Phone UI. Nokia claims that the Nokia Xpress app is able to compress data upto 85%. It also comes with features like data monitor. The app has the following features:

  1. Data Usage Monitoring – Tells you how much data you’ve consumed.
  2. Saved Pages – Allows you to save pages for offline reading.
  3. Save to SkyDrive – Allows you to directly save files to SkyDrive to download them later.
  4. Smart & Easy Discovery – Will automatically search for the information for you.
  5. Translations – Translates web pages on demand.
  6. In page search

Check out this walk through video of the Nokia Xpress for Lumia

The Nokia Xpress app will be exclusive to Lumia users and it’s available for download via Nokia BetaLabs. You can check the instructions to download and install the app in the source link. The app will work on all existing Lumia phones.