Nokia Shuts Down Last Factory In The Europe

As we all know, Nokia is going through major business restructuring from last year. Nokia is seeing more tough transition period than it originally expected after the Windows Phone strategy was announced and it’s bleeding money faster than ever.

To cut down on operation expenditure and keep the company afloat Nokia did several rounds of job cutoff earlier this year, closed few manufacturing plants. According to WPCentral, Nokia in the latest round, has finally shut down their factory at Salo, Finland and facility has been transferred to the drugmaker Orion. They cut off the 850 jobs as well. This factory was the last facility of the Finnish handset maker in the European region. Now with its closure, all the handsets will be made in the factories in China and India. People once boasted using the Nokia phones made in Finland or elsewhere in the European continent for their superior quality. We’ll surely miss it. We hope the quality will remain the same, right folks?