Nokia unveils Lumia 925, World’s first aluminium Lumia

May 15, 2013 1 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


Nokia did it again! Once again they listened to the consumers. Yesterday they launched the brand new Lumia 925 in an official press event in London. It is an aluminium made unibody Lumia with way lighter and thinner form factor than Lumia 920. On other words Lumia 925 is like an alter ego of the flagship who goes to gym. Since Nokia-AT&T 6 months exclusive is over Nokia now pushing their innovation to more people, people who love to have choices. With this release Nokia omitted the most criticised factor of Lumia 920(its weight & thickness) while adding some additional goodness. Evidently it’s just another variant of their current flagship and not meant to replace it. Starting from July T-Mobile(USA), Vodafone(EU), China Mobile, China Unicom are going to carry it exclusively.

Lumia 925 shares the same internals with the Lumia 920 so we’ll not bother to write the specs down instead we’ll point out the improvements from its older brother. It features an additional optical lens(mind that hump) which makes it World’s first phone with six lens camera module. It is significantly lighter(139g vs 185g) and thinner(8.5mm vs 10.7mm) than Lumia 920. It’s built around an aluminium chassis while sporting a traditional Polycarbonate back. However Nokia ditched embedded wireless charging but there is an option to get it back via snap on cover.


Lumia 925 is a result of creativity, innovation and fine craftsmanship. We’ve learned that Nokia had it planned back in September when they announced their first WP8 Lumia smartphones. It’s a shame that such beautiful device is coming out late than it was supposed to but it’s better late than never. As it’s not their new flagship(which will come out later this year) we certainly can’t expect much from it compared to Lumia 920. The goal of this phone is to giving people more options. We know many people liked the look of Lumia 920 but didn’t buy it for its bulkiness. Nokia now has a phone for them that offers the same amount greatness as it predecessor. Personally I like aluminium devices so I prefer it over other Lumia handsets, period. And I think many will agree with me.

Lumia 925 is priced at 469 euros in Europe and will be available in Black, Grey & White. Price & availability for T-Mobile USA is still unknown though you can register one here

Source: Nokia

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