Bezel-less Nubia Z9 Is All Set To Arrive In The USA

Bezel-less Nubia Z9 Is All Set To Arrive In The USA

June 6, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Did you ever hate the thick bezels on your smartphone? Ask Xperia users. Ever wished your phone didn’t have bezels? Well, your wish will be fulfilled, at least partially and very soon. China’s Nubia is preparing to launch its high-end Z9 smartphone in the Q3 of 2015.



The key feature of Nubia Z9 is its bezel-less design. It still has bezels on the top and the bottom but zero bezels on the sides. But that’s the only interesting part about it. The metal frame that runs around the display is touch sensitive as well; Nubia calls it Frame Interactive Technology (FiT) It accepts gestures for different operations. To me, this setup surely sounds better than Galaxy S6 edge which compromises user experience for that gimmicky display.

If you’re curious about the hardware, you’re not going to be disappointed. Nubia’s high-end phone has a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB RAM. It also boasts a 16MP camera with OIS and a front 8MP camera. The display is a 5.2-inch unit boasting 1080p resolution. There are going to be three variants of it: 3GB RAM/32GB storage for $564, 4GB/64GB for $645 and one with a fingerprint scanner will come for $725. Well, I guess most of us will be content with the 3GB version. Once launched, you can buy it from select retailers in the USA and order online as well.

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