OblyTile: A Handy Tile Creator For Your Non-Windows Store Apps

February 21, 2013 0 By Faisal Bin Ahmed

We know there’s a lot of programs for the exact same purpose out there but this one comes very handy. You don’t have to install anything for it, the program is portable and developed by an XDA developer. So what does the it do? It creates tiles of your legacy desktop apps on your windows 8 start screen. You’re probably thinking that windows 8 does this by default but this one is for them who want to customize those tiles in their own way.

Screenshot (22)1


 Simple interface of ObliTile 

The functionality and the interface of the tool are dead simple. You just have to select the application path that you want to make the tile of then you select an icon, the tile’s color(optional) and your tile is ready. Now the question is where would you find the icon. Well it is not hard to find on the internet and for your relieve I’ve included a file of 600 icons below but as it supports any image file you always have your liberty.

Screenshot (23)1


Upon selecting the icon the tool will show you the preview of the tile

After selecting and filling required forms you have to click on the ‘create tile’ button then the program will create a tile on your start screen as it’s shown below.

Screenshot (25)1

The created tile of  Maxthon Brower

So this is how you create a tile of your app using this tool. Besides you can also create tiles of your favorite websites. The tool also features modifying your existing windows store app’s tile which we don’t prefer because this way you’ll lose your ‘live tile’ feature. Remember, you have  to choose a square picture to use as a tile background and this tool’s functionality is limited to creating only the smaller tiles as for now so you can’t make full size tile by it which has BTW no use for the legacy apps. Oh! can’t find your tile after creating it? It’s at the end of your start screen.

Download the OblyTile app from here (Right click>save as)

Download the icon pack from here

The credit of this tool goes to its developer Argony-OT and this icon pack to its designer dAKirby309

And the photo credit of my desktop background goes to Richard Dorman