OnePlus 3T Is A Bumped Version Of Everyone’s Favorite Phone

OnePlus 3T Is A Bumped Version Of Everyone’s Favorite Phone

November 16, 2016 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

OnePlus 3 still continues to get praises from critiques to consumers for being the best in segment high-end phone. And the best gets better with OnePlus 3T, a bumped up version of the same phone.


If you figure out what T stands for in OnePlus 3T, you’d already know what must have changed between two phones. For one, its the first phone to feature Snapdragon 821 processor and second, its battery swells up to 3,400 mAh from 3,000 mAh in its predecessor. There’s third and probably the most awaited change as well. The OnePlus 3T comes in 128GB storage option along with th3 regular 64GB one. So for the people who often resisted buying the original phone because of less memory, OnePlus 3T takes care of just that. Its front camera has been upgraded to 16MP, too. Along with OIS, the new OnePlus flagship also has EIS 2.0 for rear camera which should enhance video stabilization. ¬†And that means you also pay more for the upgraded version. The OnePlus 3T will set you back by US $439.

Everything else remain just same. You still get the same 5.5 inch FullHD AMOLED display, same metal chassis in the very same colors. There are no cosmetic changes. There’s 6GB RAM and 16MP rear camera. So if you already own OnePlus 3, you need not upgrade to the latest phone, unless you want more storage. But for the first time buyers it gets even more value for money.¬†OnePlus 3T will go on sale in the USA from 22nd November.