OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Launches For Fans Worldwide

When OnePlus announced the all black variant, dubbed OnePlus 3T collete edition, the paint job made everyone’s jaws drop. But the fans were quickly disappointed as soon as they learned that it’s going to be Paris exclusive. There’s good news who couldn’t make it to Paris.

OnePlus is extending the sell of OnePlus 3T Midnight Black variant so that everyone around the world can have a chance. A chance because yet again only 250 pieces will be made available. This time around it will be sold through Hyperbeast. The phone will be exactly the same except that this color will be available only in 128GB storage configuration.

OnePlus has also shed more light on why it didn’t release it earlier. The company worked on black color for almost an year and after trying out over 30 variations of the color, they have finally found the perfect shade.

The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black edition will be sold for US $479 starting at 4PM GMT on 24th March. While the stocks are still going to be limited, the company plans to sell more of them again through its own online store in coming days. So even if you miss it this time, you will have at least one more chance.

Do you think the “black” color variant is worth all the hype? Let us know in the comments.