OnePlus Has A New Gadget To Show Off On October 29

For a long time, rumor has been speculating about a compact phone from OnePlus. The maker of famous of One and 2 is supposed to have made a phone that’s compact than both the phones it’s selling right now. The new phone could either be called OnePlus X or OnePlus Mini, according to the rumors.


The Chinese phone maker has taken it to Twitter to tease about its new gadget, possibly a phone. It was the Indian franchise that posted the teaser. Coincidentally, OnePlus has also started manufacturing phones in India. This one could very well be its ‘Made in India’ phone. From the teaser, it appears that OnePlus X could really be the name of the new product. As per VR-Zone, the OnePlus X could come with Snapdragon 801 or Helio X10, 2GB RAM, a 5-inch display. Going by the specs and ranks, it should be priced same or lower than the OnePlus One. It will be unveiled on October 29, that’s when we will know everything about it.