OnePlus One Kicks Off New Year With Android Lollipop ROM


Everyone remembers the recent OnePlus-CyanogenMod saga which occurred with the Indian launch of the One and forced OnePlus to make its own ROM to get rid of dependency. OnePlus had promised its own ROM based on the latest Android version. Guys have kept their word and have delivered the first version rather very quickly.

OnePlus dropped the alpha version of its ROM yesterday, as a New Year gift to its users. Current ROM is based on the AOSP version of Android Lollipop. It’s a vanilla AOSP ROM for OnePlus One and does not have any extras inside. This is strictly a community preview and though there are all the instructions available on flashing the ROM, at this point only pro users should try it out. Well, in the case of OnePlus One it’s safe to say that 99% of them are pro. Since it’s an Alpha ROM it’s going be unstable and full of bugs so you might want to think thrice before you flash it as your daily driver and start whining about it.