OnePlus Is Getting Its OxygenOS Ready For February 12 Debut

If you remember, OnePlus recently ran a contest to find an apt name for its in-house Android ROM. All this was out of the break-up with Cyanogen which forced OnePlus to develop its own ROM.

Indeed, they showed us the community version of their upcoming ROM last month but back then it simply didn’t have any name. The new ROM will be called OxygenROM. Cyanogen-Oxygen, yeah, close enough. They are just getting rid of any dependency on third parties which is what any maker should be doing.


Although it’s got the name, it will only come out on February 12, that’s just a day before Valentine’s Day. It is understandable as the version which was demoed barely had almost no special features. And it will be based on the Android Lollipop. By the way, it’ll be called H2OS in China for some reason.

Keep checking this thread for more news on OxygenOS. So, OnePlus One fans be ready to have an memorable Valentine’s Day this year(provided you’re single)…haha.