Privacy Policy

‘TheSwapFiles’ respects the privacy of its readers. Hence this site does not collect any kind of personal information from its readers/viewers/users. However the site may collect some anonymous data in the form of the cookies which are stored on users computers to remember their personal preferences when they visit ‘TheSwapFiles’. The adverts shown on this site may also collect non-identifiable data which is purely needed to show advertising and collect advertising data on this site.

While we take enough care to maintain privacy of our readers, ‘TheSwapFiles’ doesn’t take any responsibility of any harm caused by clicking on the external or third party site links. We advise our readers to take extra caution while clicking on any such links and they will be solely responsible for any outcomes of clicking on such links.

TheSwapFiles also reserves the right to modify and update this policy from time  to time and without any prior notice.



TheSwapFiles Team