The 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Will Also Feature Quick Charge 4.0

Qualcomm recently launched its flagship SoC, Snapdragon 835, that’s set to appear on 2017 flagships. It’s the first mobile processor to be built using 10nm FinFET process or in other words, it measures up just 10nm. And guess what, Samsung will be making this new processor using its foundry for Qualcomm.


The current generation Snapdragon 820 and its revised version 821, are based on 14 nm technology. Now compared this 14nm chips, the Snapdragon 835 with its 10nm size offers 27% increase in power while dropping the power consumption by a whopping 40%. And since it’s smaller in size, Qualcomm says phone makers can put in bigger batteries. So you can expect power-efficient phones in 2017.

The Snapdragon 835 also incorporates the next generation Quick Charge 4.0. It’s a big leap from the current iteration as it makes the whole quick charging technology safer. It’s 20% than its predecessor. Qualcomm is also looking at making Quick Charge 4.0 a standard across all devices and accessories so that there won’t be any compatibility issues. If you remember there was some controversy around USB Type-C cables which OnePlus made and were compatible with only its devices.

Further, the newer safety features should make charging your phones safer, cooler and prolong battery life. Qualcomm claims it will provide 5 hours of power in 5 minutes.

It’s now time we start looking out for rumors of flagships slated to come with Snapdragon 835 next year, haha.