Be Ready, OnePlus 2 India Launch Is Happening On July 28

OnePlus is bringing its 2016 flagship killer, OnePlus 2 to India much earlier this year. OnePlus is having its launch event in India on 28th July at 7:30 AM, just hours after its U.S. release. OnePlus has already spoken about the value of the Indian market as last year the One had a huge positive response in India. OnePlus Didn’t Reveal any numbers about units shipped, but judging by its revenue around 60,000-70,000 phones are sold in India so far.

The company recently announced that there will be nine new service centers opened in In India in major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai (Andheri and Lamington), New Delhi and Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad. Last month, it was announced that owners of the OnePlus One who have their phones in service centers for more than 15 days will receive three months warranty extension.

New Invite System
OnePlus will have far more launch inventory, around 30-50 times more than last year. There will be a ‘Reservation List’ where you can ‘reserve’ the phone with your email id, and you will get an invite as soon as phones are in stock.

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