Reliance Jio Phone Costs 0 (With A Catch)

Reliance Jio Phone Costs 0 (With A Catch)

July 21, 2017 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Reliance Jio has already created the storm in the India telecom market by offering the unmatched 4G LTE coverage and services. While its rivals are still finding the way out, the R Jio has dropped another surprise package in the market.

The Jio Phone, that was launched earlier today at company’s annual general meeting, is probably the cheapest 4G LTE phone in the world. It costs 0. Are we kidding? No. However, there’s a small catch. Buyers will have to pay Rs.1500 up front as a refundable deposit which they can get back after 36 months. Calls and messages will ALWAYS be free for the users. To use the data though, users will have to recharge with as low as the Rs.153 plan that will entitle them for unlimited 4G data with FUP of 500MB daily. To make it even more affordable, there will be a weekly plan of Rs.54 and a 2-day plan of Rs.24.

The Jio Phone itself appears basic but is customized for Jio’s services. It is like Nokia’s one of the feature phones with an alphanumeric keypad and a tiny color display. It is clearly targeted at the buyers who previously couldn’t even think of spending on calling. The phone will also be able to connect to home TVs through what Jio calls JioPhone TV cable. Rest of the details about the phone are not out.

The Jio Phone will be available for pre-orders starting from August 24 and will start shipping from September.