Revamped Yahoo Messenger Has the Challenge To Regain The Lost Glory and Users

What a coincidence this is. Just a few days back I stumbled at Yahoo Messenger for Android and wondered why Yahoo even has this obsolete stuff alive. Because the last time Yahoo updated it was in August 2014. That’s more than a year ago. And yesterday, the company dropped a new update with a totally revamped UI.


The new version of the Yahoo Messenger adapts the flat UI and even the flat icon. It is surely pleasing to the eyes. The new UI is spread across the mobile, web and inside the Yahoo Mail itself. But given the plethora of messenger apps around us, do you think Yahoo will be able to bring back the lost users? Facebook’s own WhatsApp and Messenger are already on the top.

Anyone who is from the 90s already knows how popular Yahoo Messenger was. It was the only advanced messenger back then for us. Remember the cool chat rooms? Today, I rarely open my Yahoo mail account because of the creepy interface that’s not smooth at all. Besides, most of my contacts have shifted to other platforms where I contact them. I already see them as offline in my list in Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger has a big challenge to regain its lost glory and its users.